wellnessBy: Hindy Cortright for Sports & Health Magazine

After all presents have been opened, all parties have passed and guests have left, there is one sure thing we are all left with… at least 5 to10 more pounds of holiday «fun'». Getting back on track on a healthy routine is easier than you think; these tips can help the transition from «holiday mode» back to «daily healthy routine mode»

Tip #1: Review and reset goals.
Once January 1st rolls in, write down your goals. Make sure to include in your new year`s resolution list, your health and fitness goals for 2012.

Tip #2: Ditch the guilt.
Don’t dwell on any passed negative behavior but rather get your goals set and look forward to the future. Call the Gym or trainer to start training, make an appointment for a workout, and take positive action towards getting fit.

Tip#3: Dump the extra food.
Give away any remaining candy, chocolates, cakes and temptations left around from the holidays. Buy new healthy food to eat, such as, oatmeal, whole grain bread, vegetables, lean meats, and fruits. Start your new year with a «cleansing diet» custom made* for you, to help your body recuperate from the over consumption of sugars and alcohol.

Tip #4: Start your fitness program with something you enjoy.
Choose an activity you enjoy instead of a new challenging one. This will help you stick to a fitness regimen easier. If you have never exercised before and you want to «get in shape» you need to start slowly. Start your new fitness regimen by biking, dancing or walking instead of a high intensity kick boxing class that will make you too tired or too sore. It will be more likely that you reach your goal if you work yourself to a higher intensity workout gradually.

Tip #5: Skip the scale.
Start a healthier diet and exercise regimen and measure your progress by how your clothes fit because weighting in regularly can add anxiety and disappointment to the process. Despite your weight, following a healthier regimen is good for your health every time. If you like to keep a scientific record of your progress, I recommend that you work with a health and fitness professional*.

The most precious possession we have is our health because it gives us life and we have a great deal of power to safeguard this commodity. Take care of your health and implement a fitness plan to ensure that you will be there for your family for other holidays to come!.

* (To get a costume made cleansing diet, I recommend you call the specialists of the BioFit Center at 340-6288/6299 in Panama).