wellnessThe Top 5 healthy gifts you can give this holiday.

By: Hindy Cortright for the BioFit Center and Sports & Health Magazine.
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The holiday season should be a joyful and fulfilling time for every one! A great way to share our love for «all things healthy» with everyone is to find the ideal gifts for our loved ones. Giving the gift of health is a great way to help our friends and family get started toward a healthier lifestyle routine.

Top five healthy gifts you can give anyone this holiday season:

  1. PERSONAL TRAINING Package. Most people have no idea how beneficial it is to train with a professional personal trainer. Not only do you get a great workout but also the fact of having an appointment with the trainer pushes the person to stick to an exercise routine. Try with a gift certificate for a 4, 8 or 12 session package with a personal trainer; my favorite trainers are at The BioFit Center Panama (340-6299).
  2. PROTEIN SHAKE BLENDER. There are very practical «one serving blenders» such as rite «Hamilton Single-Serve blender» which are ideal to mix a one serving portion, protein shake. Adding one or two protein shakes a day will boost your metabolism, help you recuperate from your exercise routine and it will decrease your appetite and cravings.
  3. FITNESS BASKET. A great and fun gift that screams «Let’s get Healthy and Fit in 2012». You can fill the basket with items such as: a gift certificate for a pair of sneaker, a yoga Mat, an inflatable exercise ball, a set of 3 and 5 pound dumbbells, a heart rate monitor and a gift certificate for sessions with a personal trainer. You can let your imagination go wild and add fun and healthy items making sure that these items fit the recipient’s personality.
  4. SPA GIFT CERTIFICATE. As we know, stress is one of the leading causes of many health problems. Giving a loved one a certificate for a Spa treatment or facial to help them relax is a great way to help them find balance. In Panama there are many Spas’ that offer gift certificates and most of them are highly qualified. I recommend you try the service first before you give them as a gift to make the quality of the service meets your standards.
  5. MAKE A FITNESS GROUP. The best way to get started in the path of health and fitness is to create a support group with 4 or 5 friends or family, pick activities you will all do together, set days and times to meet to exercise and make a pact to stick through the effort together. Getting started in a health and fitness program with friends and family increases the odds of your success.

The holiday season is a great time to trace new goals and to start planning the new health and fitness horizons we want to reach in the New Year. Giving the gift of health to loved ones is a great way to get them stated as well Happy Holidays!