Tips on how to create toned arms you can show off…..

By: Hindy Cortright for The BioFit Center and Sports & Health magazine.

Having toned arms is a very important subject among us women, and one that tends to be a bit of an issue as we age, especially when we talk about the back of the upper arm !.   Toned arms give us confidence to wear strapless and short sleeves shirts and they just make us feel free to wear all kinds of different outfits especially in the summer.

To create toned arms you should pay attention to different factors that together, result in having nice and fit arms.

Weight. To be able to define the muscles in your arm you have to make sure that you reach a reasonable body fat to lean body mass ratio; in other words, it is first necessary to reach a reasonable weight that will allow your muscles to come through and be seen.  The number one factor that you have to work on, on your way to tone arms is your overall weight.  It is important to diet and to practice fat burning cardio regularly so that you can enhance your muscle tone with resistance training.  Remember that what you see when you look at toned arms is the shape of the muscles below the skin..

Resistance Training. To tone your arms you can practice resistance training exercise that specifically targets the key muscles that give your arms shape.  These two main muscles are the bicep, found at the front of your upper arm and the tricep, at the back of your upper arm.  Even though most chest and back exercise engage these muscles for secondary assistance, you need to isolate them during your workout.  Make sure to add a number of sets of different types of bicep curls and tricep extensions or flexions in your workout. Find examples of tricep and bicep movements at:   You can also ask a professional and certified trainer to give you a list of movements you can practice.

If you want to focus on toning your arms you can do resistance training for your arms up to three times a week with at least one day of rest in between each workout.

Tanning. A good trick is to get a little sun to accentuate the lines on your arms.  Tanned arms tend to look more toned because there is more contrast between the different shapes of your arm.  Here is where getting a little sun has a positive effect.  Make sure not to over do it and always use UV protection to protect your skin.

Keep in mind that the shape of your arms, and your body, is mainly genetic and you have to be consistent in your effort  to modify whatever mother nature endowed you with.  It is true that having strong and toned arms is a plus, but, it’s also important to keep our aesthetic dreams in check and never lose sight of the fact that your health always comes first.  If you adhere to a healthy nutrition and exercise routine you will get the fit arms you desire. Don’t turn to plastic surgery or any radical medical procedures unless it is absolutely necessary.

Get moving and working those arms out and in a few weeks you will begin to see toner and sexier arms! I guarantee it…